Upcomıng Tournaments


I would like to talk about our tournaments, that we are preparing for all football clubs. This kind of tournament is the only one in the world. Believe it or not, we are organizing the best tournament in Africa. We have been organizing those tournaments since 2014.

However, we love and are very happy to serve you.

Why our tournament is special and important to us?
Our mission and target is to find the most talented player in the world for football. As we know, there are many football clubs struggling to find good players in Europe right now. You will love attending our tournaments because we do have what you are looking for.

We can fix it!
We are here to fix your problem and we are proud to help you. When you attend our tournament, then you can observe and get a taste of our professional work. You can see many talented players, between 150-200 a day, and seek what you are looking for in your future, dream players.

Our priority is your safety and reliability, which is very important to us.

You are very secure and safe 24/7 when you attend our tournaments.
We can take you twice a year.

We are organizing for our tournaments to take place twice a year. We do not think that you will miss the tournaments. We will be going to the best football countries: Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon, best minor of the football talent.

I hope to see you at the next one.