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Our soccer player representation and consultancy, which was established in 1996, has survived until the present day. Naci Bilgetürk, the founder of the company, was born in Sakarya, Turkey in 1964 and started football in the Sakarya Sports FC infrastructure in 1975-1976.

He joined the football world with Ekrem Karaberber, who was the infrastructure manager at that time and also an infrastructure coach. After about 15 years of professional football life, Naci migrated to America for education in 1994. Mr. Bilgetürk continued football for 2 years in Rhode Island, America, and then retired from playing himself in Rhode Island.

He started his first coaching career with a university team in 1999, and when noticing that he was successful, he continued to coach in America. After that, he worked as a youth coach in different club teams and also as an assistant coach for Richmond Kickers FC and Mr. Bilgeturk now has a UEFA B diploma.

Mr. Bilgetürk, who then wanted to focus more on scouting football players, first decided to create for two times a year tournament in Africa in 2014. His first successful tournament was in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon, and continued until today.

These tournaments have been extremely important and useful to all football clubs. Our goal and priority is to bring in all professional football club coaches and scouts. During our tournaments, we observe 150-200 players a day. Admired players from the tournaments are invited to Turkey and Europe for tryouts to be put onto professional teams.

The key players who were brought to Turkish and European football as a result of our labor and work, respectively, are Abdoulaye Diakhate, Aminu Umar, Joseph Attamah, Emem Edouk, Lanre Kehinde, Francis Ezeh.

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Naci Bilgeturk